Is Electrolysis Worth The Money And Does It Remove Hair Permanently?

Do you want to have soft, smooth skin without worrying about shaving all of the time? Are you tired of spending countless hours visiting the salon to have your various bits and pieces waxed, only to have to repeat the process a few weeks later? If so, you have probably heard about electrolysis and find yourself wondering whether or not this is a good alternative that will be worth the expense. Electrolysis is not like a massage for pain which only solves a problem┬átemporarily, it actually permanent solution! The process of electrolysis involves the insertion of a tiny probe into the hair follicle and sending a current through it in order to neutralize the follicle root. It can be used on the hair of any color and thickness. Additionally, it is safe to do practically anywhere on your body. Because hair growth is cyclical, you will need several treatments. At any given time many of your follicles are dormant. As these become active again, others begin to enter the dormant phase. Though significantly more complex than that, it is good enough for our purposes. The point is that these hairs cannot be treated until they are activated again. Additionally, if you have particularly coarse hair, you might discover that it will require two or more treatments. However, it generally grows back thinner and weaker each time. Remember that when you have achieved the desired results you never have to worry about shaving again! In the meantime, you have significantly less hair that you must deal with. It is important to consider the area that you are going to treat with electrolysis because you cannot undo the process. For instance, you might want to have your eyebrows shaped in a particular style. However, you need to remember that styles change and you don’t want your brows to get stuck in the past! But, if you have a very thick brow, you might find that electrolysis is a great way to tame it. Because the process involves an electrical current and your body, you need to make sure that you hire a qualified technician to do it for you. The specific credentials that you should look for depending in part on your location. Check with state and local authorities to find out what licenses and certifications are required for people to perform the procedure. In addition to making certain that the person is in compliance with legal regulations, you want to find out about their reputation. How long have they been in operation at the current location and what do the reviews look like? If the place is new, can you find reviews on the people working there via their previous places of employment? Because this is considered a beauty treatment, many people don’t want to wait once they have made up their minds. After all, who wants to wait to be more beautiful? But, you should not choose an aesthetician haphazardly. Take the time to ensure the person is qualified and […]

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