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Women’s Electrolysis in San Diego

Permanent Hair Removal For Women

One of the most common problems that affect around 90% women is excessive hair in unwanted areas. Most women do not like to talk about it due to the social stigma attached to it as they often think that they are the only one with this problem. If you are also sick of dealing with excessive hair growth and want a permanent solution, you have landed at the right place.

You Are Not Alone

It is a common problem and thankfully, there is an affordable and safe way to permanently get rid of unwanted hair. In most cases, heredity is the major cause of unwanted hair growth. Sometimes various drugs such as birth control pills or hormonal changes may also result in growth of excessive hair at various places. Menopause, pregnancy as well as hormonal changes during puberty may also contribute to excessive hair growth. Research studies suggest that stress may also lead to growth of unwanted hair. Stress may lead to stimulation of the adrenal gland which leads to a hormonal reaction turning finer hair into darker and coarser hair. Electrolysis is the solution you have been looking for.


It is the only permanent hair removal technique that has been approved by FDA. FDA has found this method of permanent hair removal to be safe for use by everyone including you. It is a highly effective process that not only gets rid of the existing hair but also prevents further hair growth. It is the only existing technique that not only gets rid of the existing hair but also makes sure that the hair does not grow back once the treatment is complete. In electrolysis, targeted electrical current is used for breaking down the biological structures in your skin that are responsible for hair growth. These biological structures include the matrix and dermal papilla. A needle or sterile probe is used for transmitting current into individual hair follicles and destroy them. Three different modalities are currently used for permanent removal of unwanted hair.

Galvanic electrolysis involves inducing a chemical reaction in the hair follicle with the help of electric current. This chemical reaction occurs within the follicle and chemically destroys it which prevents hair re-growth.

Thermolysis uses high-frequency or short-wave current for producing heat that permanently destroys cells responsible for hair growth.

The third modality involves use of galvanic electrolysis as well as the thermolysis.

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How It Works

It starts with you having a completely personal and confidential consultation with one of our trained electrologists to create a personal treatment plant for your specific hair removal needs. Once the plan has been finalized, the trained electrologist will take a sterile probe or needle to target every hair follicle in the area where you want to get rid of hair permanently. Each single hair follicle in that area is destroyed to ensure zero re-growth. Keep in mind that hairs on your body have different cycles of growth and all hairs may not be visible on the skin surface at the time of treatment. Therefore, you may require multiple treatments to get rid of all the hairs in an area permanently.

No Side Effects

It is a completely painless procedure where you will feel a little sting each time the probe is used to zap a hair follicle but these stings are short lived and you will feel comfortable during the treatment. There may be a slight redness on your skin which is part of the normal healing process of your body but this redness will go away in a couple of hours. It is completely safe for you.

We  Are Here To Help

One of the most common misconceptions, especially regarding breast hair or facial hair is that many women think that they are alone and therefore, seldom discuss it with others. As mentioned above, it is common to have hair in these areas and you are not alone. The electrolysis treatment will help you get rid of hair in these areas permanently and without any side effects. No one will know you have taken electrolysis treatment.

Electrolysis for Facial Area

Common facial areas for electrolysis treatment for women include chin, cheeks, eyebrows, upper and lower lips, outer ears and hairline. Getting rid of facial hair is a problem razors and waxing will only take away temporarily and in most cases make worse. Don’t allow face hair to stop your from being who you truly are.

Electrolysis for Bikini Area

Getting rid of hair from the bikini line is a challenging process as this area contains a lot of thicker and coarser hair. However, electrolysis is an effective way to get rid of hair in this area. Electrolysis is also ideal for getting rid of ingrown hair. With electrolysis, you get a permanent solution that will save you a lot of money in the long run. You will be 100% hair free with proper treatment and will have a bikini line that will make others jealous. This treatment will help you get rid of your monthly Brazilian waxing treatments.


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Electrolysis for Body

Do not think that electrolysis is only for getting rid of unwanted hair in your face and bikini line. We also offer full body electrolysis which means you can permanently get rid of hair in your back, under arms, hands, buttocks, thighs, nipple area, breasts, chest as well as any other body part where you do not want to have hair. Remember, electrolysis is the only FDA approved method to permanently remove hair from your body. When you choose us, a trained electrologist will work with you to prepare a detailed hair removal plan for your individual needs.

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